Wednesday, 30 November 2016

MCS Exam Experience Survey, what we learnt...

As always, the MCS exam experience survey produced some interesting results. Thinking of taking the February case study? Or interested to know how the MCS November students got on? Well, here's what we learnt in our survey.

Our students put the effort in!
  • Over two thirds revised for more than 5 weeks in the run-up to the exam.
  • Over 80% did 4 weeks or over.
  • Less than 10% did 3 weeks revision.
  • 40% of our students dedicated 10 hours or more a week to revision.
  • Over 80% did more than 5 hours a weeks.

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

7 WOW Facts About Accountants!

Working through your CIMA qualifications can get tough and stressful, there is a lot of information to process and study. To help get you through your qualifications I have developed 7 interesting facts that will help motivate you to the finishing line:

1) Looking at job stats, the US department of labour estimates there will be a 11% rise of accountants in the US between 2014-2024. Amazing considering there were 1,332,700 registered accountants in 2014!

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

10 last things to pass!

With the MCS exams starting next week, it's VITAL you make the most of the remaining days. However, having over-seen a number of case study exams I know how difficult it can be to know what to do between now and next week - so I have decided to share with you a plan to follow.

Through speaking with past students and using my own experience I have created a tried-and-tested list of 10 things you should be doing before your exam: 

1) Read through the August Examiner's Report - this report contains very important information! It includes VITAL advice for students sitting the November exam and identifies exactly what the examiner's will be looking for! August MCS Examiner's Report