Thursday, 18 February 2016

Management Pass Rates - 2015

2015 was expected to be a difficult year with the introduction of the new syllabus. 

However, many students performed well considering the change. There were those who might have been a little apprehensive or not as accepting at the start, with some students having studied with CIMA (and the old syllabus) for a long time.

Objective Test Pass Rates

As you can see though, the official results below give a good indication of how management OT students have performed between January and December 2015:

Monday, 1 February 2016

Top Tips from the November Case Study Examiner's Report!

Reading the examiner's report can help by giving you an understanding of what the examiner will be looking out for in your own exam.
This way you can build a better structure to your revision, ensuring that the key points are covered by the time the exam comes along next week.

1. Application to the pre-seen:
Applying the theory to the pre-seen is absolutely critical to score well in the exam. The Examiner's emphasised that there are no marks for just pure knowledge - it needs to be applied in a relevant way to the case study.